We stand out

We provide Vertical Solutions

Our company, with over 30 years of experience in the field of electromechanical constructions, fully understands the equipment needs that an industrial space or a power station may have.

So, we have the ability to provide specialized electromechanical equipment and continue where others stop.

Below is an indicative list of the items provided:

  • Medium Voltage Cubicles
  • Medium and Low Voltage Measurement Transformers for voltage and current
  • Intermediate Current Transformers
  • Medium Voltage Indoor Insulators
  • Capacitive Voltage Indicators
  • Heat Shrink Materials for Medium Voltage Applications
  • Heat Shrink Materials for Medium Voltage Applications
  • Ηλεκτρονόμοι Προστασίας
  • Medium Voltage Bushings
  • Medium Voltage Fuses
  • Protection Relays
  • Auxiliary and Power relays in multiple voltages
  • Εξαρτήματα Πινάκων / Λυχνίες LED πινάκων
  • Medium Voltage Circuit Brakers
  • Various electrical components
  • Analog and Digital Signal Sensors for Temperature and Pressure